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MergersCorp M&A International is committed to the highest professional standards for the protection of our clients’ confidential information.

All of our people personally commit to maintaining the highest professional standards. Our confidentiality framework includes definitions and appropriate usage of confidential information, standards for the protection of confidential information and the avoidance of conflicts of interest, restrictions on information sharing and protocols for physical and IT security.

Our specific confidentiality processes are continually reviewed and updated to ensure that they fully align with the changing business environment and best-practice standards.

We treat the following information as completely confidential:

  • Client names or identities unless otherwise discussed with the client
  • Client-specific deliverables and work products, including drafts and preliminary analyses
  • Client-specific data provided by the client or a client-related vendor, including data sets, analysis, statistics, etc.
  • Knowledge and information about our clients, including current or future operations, strategy, and other business-related information gained by consultants while working for clients

Protecting our clients’ confidence and business interests is not just what we do, it’s who we are. We welcome the opportunity to further discuss, and invite you to contact us.

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